Do I need to have experience?

No, you do not need to have experience. SOTA has designed its courses to give you the training and tools needed to become successful in the exciting world of live production.

What courses are offered?

College-level courses in Live Production – Audio, Video, Leadership, Stage Lighting, Pro Tools, and ProPresenter.

Who can register for classes?

Anyone – the courses are college-level, so students under 16 are accepted conditionally.

When are courses offered?

Courses are organized in twelve-week semesters on a typical college format – Fall and Spring.  The Fall semester will begin in late August and run toward the end of November.  The Spring semester will begin the end of January and run through the end of May.  Evening options are offered for most courses.

How much does it cost?

The two-year program of study is designed to cost less than $6000. The price of individual classes vary, but all are designed to be extremely affordable for professional training.

Is financial aid available?

There is no current financial aid available.  However, a full course load costs less than $1800 per semester.

Is the school accredited?

No – at this time we are not ready to take on the cost increases and restrictions involved.

How are course organized?

New audio students, for example, will take Live Audio 101 during their first semester and Live Audio 102 during a subsequent semester, typically, before moving to Advanced Mixing and other advanced courses.  Together, 101 and 102 are designed to cover every aspect of Live Audio, from the science of sound to using multiband compressors, SMAART, wireless technologies, etc. Other advanced topics, such as System Design and Engineering, will be offered as advanced courses. Video and Lighting courses/tracks are organized similarly.

What does each course consist of?

The focus is on Live Production and each course consists of a weekly lecture, a weekly lab for hands-on learning with “live” systems, and the option to volunteer with Gateway Tech Arts. Students will receive supervised experience, manning real positions at actual live events with state-of-the-art gear.

Who are the course instructors?

In addition to our professional staff, we bring in guest instructors and clinicians from Nashville, Hollywood and all over the country to give students a well-rounded foundation and understanding of the industry. Examples: Buford Jones (Pink Floyd, James Taylor), Pooch Van Druten (Linkin Park, Metallica), Lucinda Ireland (Shark Tank, MLB), Bob Ennis (Jeopardy, Emmyʼs), Alan Carter (The Voice), and Brian Bolly (Meyer Sound Labs.)

What gear will the students be trained on?

DiGiCo SD7, SD8, and SD9 audio consoles, Waves plugins, Meyer speakers, Pro Tools HD rigs, Sony MVS 8000 switchers and studio cameras, EVS video systems, Grand MA lighting consoles and Martin lights, an iMac Lab and many more.

Can I pick and choose classes or do I have to enter a structured program?

Students may take any foundational courses “a-la-carte.”  Advanced courses typically require prerequisites.

Do I need to complete an application?

No. Simply register for courses that have openings. All details regarding course requirements and specifications will be outlined in your registration and new student orientation.

Does SOTA accept international students?

Any resident of the US may attend local SOTA courses. At this time, SOTA cannot provide an international student with a student visa. However, we do have some online courses available and are looking to expand our online program in the future.

When can I schedule a time to visit?

All tours take place during our new student orientation. To set up a time to visit SOTA or schedule an advisement meeting, email us at info@schooloftecharts.com or contact us at 817-755-0650. Appointments can be scheduled during normal office hours.

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